Okay, TV viewers. If you like watching overly muscle-y men and women wear skimpy clothing and ridiculous outfits while they fondle each other angrily, listen up. The WWE Network app is now out for Android TV.

This Android app lets you view all of the programming you would expect from the network. This means live feeds and on-demand content, including the substantial archive of angry flesh-on-flesh action from decades of WWE, ECW, and WCW. You also get access to all pay-per-views as they happen. Then there's the behind the scenes footage that fleshes out just who these deep, complex actors really are—or kind of are. Hey, we all know the E in WWE is larger than either W.

You don't need a cable subscription to get in on the action, but you do need to subscribe to the WWE Network for $10 a month. That will also get you access on your phone, computer, and other set-top boxes.

Then you can grab the app below to watch muscles with legs slam each other to the mat until some dude in stripes says they can stop.

Developer: WWE, Inc.
Price: To be announced