Hangouts 4.0. We want you. And that desire has only grown after Phandroid's latest leak. It looks like users will be able to initiate Hangouts conversations using Android Wear once the latest update comes around.

As some readers have pointed out, this feature does not appear to require Hangouts 4. People are having success initiating Hangouts messages from Android Wear using the version currently available in the Play Store. This functionality probably appeared as Google started rolling out support for a clump of third-party instant messengers the other day.

We saw that this feature was already in development back when we provided a deep look at the Hangouts 4.0 Android Wear app. At that time, though, trying to initiate a message using a voice command only crashed the process. Phandroid is saying that this feature now works.


This is a big step up from the current ability to merely reply to incoming messages. How big? Well, look at the top comment on our post about the ability to OK Google out Hangout messages from a smartphone. Yup, over a dozen people expressed on a blog that they wished that they could also do this from their smartwatch. Many more people undoubtedly nodded their heads in agreement, even as they didn't click on the up arrow. Hangouts 4.0 excitement in general has people commenting on irrelevant posts and jumping on news wherever they can get it.

Good news aside, Phandroid reports that its experience is still pretty buggy. So it remains anyone's guess when this thing will actually roll out.

Meanwhile, this just in at Google headquarters.


Image credit: Brenen