In A Day in the Woods, you help to protect Little Red Riding Hood, who apparently lacks the sense to avoid woods infested with wolves and bears while she wanders haphazardly from cottage to cottage. Well, Red doesn't actually move at all - she stays stationary on her hexagonal puzzle tile, and you move her and the adjacent tiles to get her to the house on each level. You're given a limited amount of moves per stage to hit par, and you'll also have to grab the flowers that grow before clearing the stage.

It's more complicated than it looks. Certain tiles like rocks and trees can't be moved, and you'll have to keep Red at least two tiles away from a bear or wolf to avoid mauling - there are no handy lumberjacks to take them out. Between the flowers, the immovable obstacles, and the animals who would very much like to eat you, difficulty ramps up quickly.

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As interesting as the puzzles are, it's the presentation that really makes A Day In The Woods stand out. Your puzzle pieces are presented as physical miniatures, with each tree, cottage, animal, and even Red Riding Hood herself designed to look hand-whittled out of wood and inexpertly painted. It's a unique approach that gives weight to a genre that usually feels a bit insubstantial. A Day in the Woods includes 60 levels for $5, with no ads or in-app purchases.

A Day in the Woods
A Day in the Woods
Developer: Spil Games
Price: Free+