You won't have to fumble around with remembering the year with the newest Moto X. Or should I say, Moto Xs. This time the company is introducing multiple versions, and each has a name that sets it apart from the crowd. One Moto X has style. Moto X Style.

The Moto X Style is an updated version of the 2014 Moto X, the device we expected from Motorola. The screen makes a predictable jump up to a 5.7-inch quad-HD display. It also makes the leap to a less predictable 21MP camera on the back of the device. A 5MP one resides on the front.


The processor is a Snapdragon 808. And it's paired with 3GB of RAM. You will have the option of 16, 32, or 64GB of internal storage, each accompanied by a microSD card slot.

Motorola touts the phone's fast charging, which it says is significantly faster than the competition. The battery offers 3,000mAh capacity.

In typical Moto fashion, the phone will come with silicone and leather options when you order it from Moto Maker.


Now here's where things really get exciting. Motorola says the Pure Edition will come with universal LTE banding that lets it work across all major carriers in the US, Verizon included. And it will cost $399.99 when it goes on sale in Europe, Latin America, and North America some time in September.


You have our attention, Motorola. Go on...