HTC is feeling generous today so it's running a Hot Deals promotion on most of its flagship devices and all of its accessories. The discounts range anywhere from 25% on the HTC One M9 (on contract) to 50% on the Re Camera and any accessory you want on its US store. Let's break them down.

For Nexus lovers, the Nexus 9 tablet is being discounted 40% in both of its WiFi variants. The 16GB is down from $399 to $239.40, and the 32GB is down from $479 to $287.40. If you do the math, you can get the 32GB for more than $100 less than what you'd normally pay for the 16GB version. Amazon seems to have a sale on the Nexus 9 as well, but the prices don't match the ones on HTC's website.

HTC's flagship, the One M9, is the only smartphone participating in the deals, but only in its on-contract form with the Uh-Oh protection plan. The 32GB AT&T One M9 is free on contract, and the same goes for the T-Mobile one, while the Verizon M9 costs $1 on contract. Only Sprint doesn't seem to be participating (so far), and the phone still costs $199 upfront there.

As for accessories, you can get HTC's weird inhaler-slash-GoPro-wannabe Re Camera for 50% off, which gets its price down to $99.50. All of HTC's accessories are on a 50% discount as well, including those for the M9, so you can grab the Dot View case for $19.99, HTC's Bluetooth Stereoclip for the car at $29.99, the HTC Fetch for $12.49, and various cases, chargers, and earphones half off.