Motorola has struggled to produce a phone with a top-quality camera, but this might finally be Motorola's year. The newly announced Moto X Style has already found its way into the hands of the photo experts at DxOMark, and they're impressed. The 21MP sensor on the new Moto X is reportedly almost as good as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and tied with the Note 4.


According to DxO, the Style's camera has reliable autofocus, acquires very good detail, accurate exposure, and has low noise in outdoor conditions. Even in slightly dim lighting the Moto X Style does fairly well with reasonable detail and not too much noise (the Style has a fast F2.0 lens). DPReview also got a bit of hands-on time with the Style, but the write up is less extensive.

The Moto X Style isn't coming out until sometime this fall, but Motorola apparently wants everyone to know it has worked hard on the camera this year. Thus, DxO has an early review unit. Some things might change before the final hardware is available to consumers, but the camera performance should only get better.