Motorola started its livestream event at 9:00 AM Eastern US time, which means that a huge portion of the US and Europe was either asleep, in traffic, or at work while it was showing off its new wares. If you'd like to view it all again, Motorola has posted the event to its official YouTube channel.

This is a surprisingly short event for a technology reveal, especially one that shows off three new devices. The whole thing is just over 30 minutes, and if you're eager to get to the good stuff, you can fast forward to about 9 minutes in the presentation. (Everything before that is a bunch of Motorola rah-rah and some very awkward jokes.)

The 2015 Moto G is already on sale in several markets. The Moto X Play is scheduled to go on sale in August (notably excluding the US), and the Moto X Style/Moto X Pure Edition will go on sale in September.