Okay, so you just found earlier today that the upcoming Moto X Style will only cost $400. But you don't care about that. As much as you like the price, you can't wait around until September to pick up a phone. You don't like stock Android anyway.

Well, you can't go out and buy a brand new Galaxy S6 for under $400. You can, however, snag last year's Galaxy S5. The phone is currently available from Target on eBay for $340.

The Galaxy S5 is over a year old at this point, so its update-receiving days are numbered. But the hardware remains better than what most people are carrying around out there. It's more than capable of placing calls, shooting out messages, and installing the latest apps. You're free to order one in black, blue, gold, and white.

These units are unlocked GSM models, so Americans can only use them on AT&T and T-Mobile. It's also worth pointing out that the phone is only shipping to the States. Shipping is free.