In case you were wondering (and it seems many of you were): the OnePlus 2 does not support Qualcomm's Quick Charge technology or any other sort of fast charge tech, and it also lacks wireless charging of any kind. As to the latter, well: it is what it is. No wireless charging.

Update: We've received a statement from Qualcomm clarifying the Quick Charge / USB-C situation. While there is no specific technological restriction that would not allow USB-C and Quick Charge to play nicely together, there are cost considerations. Specifically, Qualcomm had this to say:

Any QC2.0 power controller part would work with any QC2.0 power accessory, both with Type-A and Type-C connectors. The additional cost for a power accessory that utilizes a Type-C connector will not be due to QC2.0 but rather due to the connector itself and the detection and power control circuits required by the Type-C specification.

In essence, there's no specific reason you can't use Quick Charge with USB type C - but there are costs associated with the type C connector in regard to detection and power control not present in the microUSB spec. This suggests OnePlus may have foregone the cost of a Quick Charge power controller (a required piece for quick charging) and instead placed that portion of the bill of materials in the more expensive Type C connector, and chosen a cheaper power controller to balance that cost.

And quick charging? At this point, my speculation is that the choice to use USB Type C (not to be confused with USB3.1 - the OnePlus 2 is a USB2.0 device) meant Quick Charge wasn't a viable option. But speculate is all we can really do.

Qualcomm Quick Charge requires a compatible power controller (that is, a physical thing) and that power controller must be compatible with a given USB specification, and it's not obvious that current controllers work with USB type C fully. In other words: it could be possible that there is no suitable power controller that supports both USB Type C and Quick Charge 2.0 yet. While the Type C port on the OnePlus 2 is essentially a re-engineered microUSB 2.0 port, it's not clear if the existing power management interfaces are "plug and play" in terms of keeping their fast charging capabilities. And if they are, there may be other challenges that add to cost or complexity which we aren't aware of (such as Qualcomm not yet certifying them).

Given that the OnePlus 2 lacks quick charging - something I confirmed with OnePlus while using the device last week - it's not exactly hard to then assume that there is either a technology or cost restriction at play here. Perhaps integrated Quick Charge 2.0 with Type C USB would have required yet another discrete chip, or a custom implementation of an existing power controller that would be quite costly. Or maybe it just isn't possible yet period.

Whatever the reason, a lack of quick charging isn't exactly what I'd call a "2016 flagship killer" feature. Hell, the $200 ZenFone 2 has support for this, and it's a very handy thing to have. How fast does the OnePlus 2 actually charge, then? We don't yet know. Edit: According to OnePlus, a full charge takes "under 3 hours and 20 minutes." Oh boy.