IFTTT's web service can automate your life. You create recipes that do what you want done using simple if this then that commands. But to get cooking, you need to have on the right channel.

Today IFTTT has announced a new Spotify channel that lets you integrate your music library. Examples of what you can do include automatically posting to your social network accounts whenever you add a song to a playlist and emailing yourself a summary of all the tracks you save over the course of a week.

If your home is particularly smart, you can set your Philips HUE lights to match the album art of your most recently saved track. And if you like the way Android changes your lockscreen's wallpaper to the currently playing album, you can set it to automatically change your wallpaper as well (and if your phone doesn't automatically change your lockscreen, now it does).


Spotify is not the first online music streaming service to get IFTTT support. Deezer, Last.fm, and SoundCloud are all already supported. But there are no doubt IFTTT users who turn to Spotify for all of their jams. Now they're all set.