There's a big Samsung event in New York City next month. It will probably be where the company announces its next-generation Galaxy Note series - though they seem to be a little early this time around, the latter half of the year is when Sammy likes to bust out its big phones. We've already seen some convincing photos of two phones identified as the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ (a super-sized version of the S6 Edge without the Note line's compulsory stylus). Now we're seeing even more of the former.

galaxy-note-5-leaked-1 galaxy-note-5-leaked-5 galaxy-note-5-leaked-6

Photos of an alleged Galaxy Note 5 popped up on French gadget site today, tagged with watermarks from a little-known Chinese smartphone accessory maker named Nillkin. It looks like they're intended to show off a thin plastic protector for the Note 5 - take a look at the clear seams at the edges of the phone and the logo on the back-right. The style of the phone roughly follows the design of the Galaxy S6, with a glass back and metal sides, though it appears that the back of the phone (not the screen) curves upwards towards the metal bezel. The stylus bay is clearly visible on the bottom-right edge of the phone, as is a standard MicroUSB slot (not USB C).

galaxy-note-5-leaked-4 galaxy-note-5-leaked-3 Galaxy-Note5-Nillkin-05

These photos are pretty convincing, but of course nothing is done until it's done. If Samsung is sending units to accessory makers then it's quite likely that the design of the phone is finalized, though the spacing on the back logo (Galaxy Note5, not Note 5) and lack of Samsung markers are a little odd. We'll probably be seeing this phone in an official capacity on August 13th.