Fingerprint scanners are finally coming into their own - near-instant touch readers are replacing tired, old, swipe scanners, and they're more accurate, much faster, and a hell of a lot easier to operate. But do you actually want one?

There have been precious few phones with touch-style scanners released to date. The iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, and HTC One M9+ are the most notable, but they aren't the only ones, and increasing numbers of high-end phones will likely integrate them in the coming months and years.

Personally, I love them - I hate entering a PIN or pattern to unlock my phone, and I don't always wear my smart lock-enabled smartwatch when I'm carrying my phone. A fingerprint scanner is going to be a heck of a lot harder for your average phone thief to crack (at least, in theory!), too, and there's no denying it just kind of feels cool. Like you're in the future.

But not everyone's in love with them, and current implementations thus far basically require a very obvious physical button or marking on the front of the device. While we may see on-screen scanners in the future (we can dream, right?), for now, the technology still probably needs refinements even in current incarnations.

For example, I love Touch ID on my iPad - it works great. I'd say my hit rate is about 90% on the iPad. But on the Galaxy S6? It's more like 30% by my estimation - and I've tried re-scanning my prints multiple times. It rarely helps. You have to be at the correct angle with the correct part of your finger on the scanner or it just doesn't want to work. Is that kind of efficacy actually useful enough in light of the fact that you're definitely paying something for this kind of feature on the bill of materials?

Let's vote and discuss. And keep in mind, this poll is about currently available technology - not future implementations of print-based biometrics. Think Galaxy S6 and iPhone - not something like Qualcomm's ultrasonic concept.

Is a fingerprint scanner something you actually want on your smartphone?

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