Google is certainly no stranger to testing new features slowly. Most recently, it released an update to YouTube's UI that's been in testing for at least four months. And for Google, this is a good thing. Testing new features with limited samples of users helps get data not only on their usefulness, but also on how they augment user experience and engagement.

That brings us to the Play Store, an app where nothing is more important than engagement. Google appears to be testing a new feature called "Related Interests," which lists off various categories with round chips similar to the chips used for artists on Google Play Music's web interface.

The chips will evidently appear on individual app listings and on the Play Store's main page, recommending categories based either on the single app or on your possible interests in general.

Screenshot 2015-07-17 at 9.01.26 PM

Screenshot_20150717-212405 Screenshot_20150717-212209 (1)

Screenshot_20150717-212213 Screenshot_20150717-212233 Screenshot_20150717-212312 Screenshot_20150717-211917

Presumably the feature is intended to improve discovery, an area where - in this writer's opinion - the store could still use some help. Whatever the case, the new feature looks nice so far - who wouldn't want to tap on those chips?

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