Ring, ring.

Hello, thank you for calling Xiaomi.

Mumble, mumble. Mumble mumble.

So you hate going to the store to pick up a new phone. I hear you. Have you tried ordering online? Huh, you don't want to wait for shipping. Okay. What I'm hearing is that you literally just want to have someone bring you a phone the moment you ask for it. Well, since you live in Malaysia—huh, Singapore, okay, you're still good—you can now order one through Uber. Xiaomi has partnered with the ride-sharing company to deliver its new Mi Note.



Excuse me, I have an American on the line.

Hello. Yes, Xiaomi is partnering with Uber to deliver smartphones. Mmhmm, it's similar to Sprint Direct 2 You. I'm surprised you heard of that. But no, this isn't a carrier helping you upgrade to a new phone and set things up. Think of this more as a manufacturer dropping the phone off at your doorstep, just through a middleman that already has your payment information on file.

Fangirl scream.

Mam? Mam? Yes, before you continue, I must say that this is only happening in southeast Asia for the time being. Yeah, yeah, I know. Take care.


Hello? Yes, I'm back. So as I was saying, Xiaomi is partnering with Uber to deliver the 5.7-inch Mi Note directly to people's doors within minutes. It's going to start July 27th, one day before the phone becomes available in the region from Mi's website. Other markets will eventually get to use Uber as well, but your area will have exclusive early access.

Mumble mumble.

What's that? Still too much work to order a phone? Sir, go screw yourself, and have a nice day.

Press Release

Xiaomi partners with Uber to pioneer on-demand delivery of smartphones

Xiaomi today launched its stunning flagship device, the 5.7-inch Mi Note, in Singapore and Malaysia. In conjunction with the new smartphone launch, the company also announced a unique on-demand delivery partnership with Uber in Southeast Asia, in a first-of-its-kind collaboration between two of the most innovative tech startups in the world.

Uber riders in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur will be able to order the new Mi Note on demand through an exclusive pre-launch flash sale via the Uber app on July 27, one full day before the smartphone will be available on Mi.com. Other markets will be announced soon.

Ordering a Mi Note follows the exact same process as calling for an Uber — users simply open the Uber app, use the slider at the bottom of the screen to select "Xiaomi" (which shows Xiaomi-orange colored Uber cars on the map equipped to deliver the new smartphone), and hit request. Payment will be charged directly to the credit card tied to a rider's Uber account and a Mi Note will be delivered to the user within a few minutes.

As two disruptive Internet companies changing the game in their respective industries, Xiaomi and Uber are extremely well-matched to bring this on-demand delivery model to the smartphone world by combining Xiaomi's pioneering flash sale model with Uber's extensive global network in 58 countries.

Mike Brown, Regional General Manager, Southeast Asia & Australia, New Zealand, Uber, said: “We’re thrilled to bring the amazing Mi Note to consumers across Singapore and Kuala Lumpur through this pioneering partnership with Xiaomi. The power of the on-demand economy is transforming the consumer experience and we are excited to take this to another level in Southeast Asia.”

Steve Vickers, General Manager, Xiaomi Southeast Asia, said: “We are truly excited to bring Mi Note, Xiaomi’s most beautifully designed flagship, to Singapore and Malaysia. Partnering with Uber for a pre-launch flash sale means Mi fans can get their hands on the new Mi Note faster than ever before, and in an innovative and convenient way.”