Talon was one of the first Twitter apps to get on the material hype train, and now it's hitting v3.0 with a raft of new features and tweaks. Most of the changes are UI-related, but some new settings allow you to customize the interface a bit more too.

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The full changelog is too big for the Play Store, but here it is for your reference.

  • NEW: User profile layout
  • NEW: Transition animations from timeline to tweet viewer (Android 5.0+)
  • NEW: Material Design login/setup layout
  • NEW: Select font type from UI settings
  • NEW: Swipe horizontally to close tweet and profile viewers
  • NEW: Don't display twitter image or quoted tweet links anymore
  • NEW: Notification of quoted tweets when using talon pull
  • NEW: Option to disable Talon Pull notification. Read disclaimer on setting. Use extreme caution.
  • NEW: Mute options on your own profile
  • IMPROVE: Popup sizes
  • IMPROVE: Popup layout animations
  • IMPROVE: Search bar simplicity
  • IMPROVE: Settings style
  • IMPROVE: Settings options
  • IMPROVE: Quoting tweets
  • IMPROVE: Expansion height
  • IMPROVE: Animations
  • IMPROVE: Some tablet layouts
  • IMPROVE: Fluidity of some transitions
  • IMPROVE: Now officially "Designed for Tablets" on Play Store
  • IMRPOVE: Now officially "Designed for Android Wear" on Play Store
  • IMPROVE: Play store listing
  • IMPROVE: Added a few more helpful tips throughout the app
  • FIX: Issue with both video and thumbnail showing on tweet viewer
  • FIX: Mixed up profile pictures when replying from second account
  • FIX: Compose screen bugs
  • FIX: Drawer allowing you to interact with the list behind it in some cases
  • FIX: Crash reports

There are a ton of little changes peppered throughout, but the new animations, profile page, and font settings are probably the most obvious. You can also get rid of the Talon Pull notification, which is cool, but could cause issues due to memory management. It's all good stuff and you can grab the update in the Play Store right now.

Talon for Twitter
Talon for Twitter
Developer: Luke Klinker
Price: $2.99