Republic Wireless has one big selling point—the ability to seamlessly switch from a call from Wi-Fi to cellular without getting dropped. This enables it to offer low monthly bills, as customers tend to offload most of their usage onto Wi-Fi when they're at home.

Unfortunately, cellular calls have not been able to seamlessly transition back onto Wi-Fi networks, regardless of which network they originated on. But with project Salsa, Republic Wireless is aiming to alleviate this issue. It hopes to soon offer seamless cell to Wi-Fi handover.

Customers who don't want to wait can sign up for project Salsa right away. Just know that Republic Wireless doesn't guarantee everyone will get in.

Those of you who have been keeping up will know that this is the second of the Sprint MVNO's current projects. Having just finished rolling out project Maestro's data refunds in the form of new plans, Republic Wireless is moving ahead on its list of goals. After nailing cell to Wi-Fi handover, look for it to start offering newer phones and the ability to access your messages across multiple devices.