You've been driving for two hours, and you've got at least two more. You're tired of sitting behind the wheel and you want to stop and stretch your legs, but that just delays the inevitable. There aren't any alternatives, so you soldier on as that robotic voice of Google Maps occasionally pipes up to let you know there's a turn in 2 miles.

Hey, wait a minute, why does she get to tell you what to do? You gave her a phone, a data plan, and you're driving her around. You're taking care of her, so why does she act like the one in charge? It's unacceptable!

This calls for giving her a taste of her own medicine. If she wants to act like your mom, you can certainly act like her child. There's one thing every bratty little kid knows to do on a long drive... Summon up your whiniest, most childish voice and repeat after me.

"Are We There Yet?"

Seriously, open up Google Maps and try it. Start navigation mode and then tap on the microphone and actually say, "are we there yet."

The first time you ask, Maps will politely let you know how much longer the current trip should take. Try two more times and you'll just hear a terse "No" with each query. Go at it once more and you'll have reached your destination: angering Google's geographically obsessed matriarch. She can't actually do anything to you, but that won't stop her from making a hollow threat:

"If you ask me again, we won't stop for ice cream."

Try it out the next time you've got some friends in the car. Prove to them that you can be so annoying that even Google doesn't know any other way to deal with you. Just don't let your kids see this, they might get some ideas.

You'll need Google Maps v9.12 to pull this off. If Google hasn't already pushed that version out to you, we have it available for download right here.

Alternate Title: [Are We There Yet?] Piss Off Google Maps Until She Loses It And Leaves You At A Rest Stop

Image Credit: National Lampoon's Vacation © Warner Bros.