Google Photos version 1.1 didn't come with much in the way of changes, and the tradition looks like it's holding true for 1.2 as well. But hey, sometimes we like minor tweaks just as much. So let's go over them, and then you can rush to grab the APK.

What's New

For starters, there's the ability to easily add individual photos to albums from the drop-down menu. Here's a before and after shot.

Photos4 Photos5

Left: Old, Right: New

And when you're inside of an album, you also have the option to set an image as the album cover.

Photos1 Photos2 Photos3

There's no logic to this untitled album. Please don't try to make sense of it.

Then if you tap the information icon at the bottom of the image, you can type in a description.

Photos6 Photos7

Here's a link to the APK, and as always, chime in with any other changes that you come across.


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