There are a lot of puzzle games on Android. It makes sense: a touch-based interface is perfect for games that have a lot of active elements on screen at once and don't need quick responses. But that ideal setup means that years after the explosion of mobile gaming, we don't often see new ideas. Prismatica is a hexagonal puzzle game that bucks that trend. It's kind of like a two dimensional Rubik's cube, plus some color theory and twinkly music.

Each Prismatica stage is made up of a series of hexagonal wheels that are interconnected. Every wheel uses a colored spoke which "assigns" the color to its surrounding tiles, which overlap onto another wheel at at least one point, combining their colors. Before the player begins, the entire board is scrambled, with each tile ending up anywhere on the board. Your job is to spin all of the wheels, using the intersection points to "grab" the correct tiles, and get all the primary and overlapping tiles in the right places.

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Like the best puzzle games, the core mechanic of Prismatica is simple, but complexity and challenge quickly ramp up as you progress through the stages. Prismatica includes 48 stages for $3 with no in-app purchases, and it's compatible with Android 2.3 or later.

Developer: Loomus Games
Price: $2.99