Pixate is a tool that helps designers prototype native mobile applications without pulling their hair out. Now it's a part of Google.


The first immediate impact of this acquisition is that Pixate Studio is now free to use. You can go download the software to a Windows PC or Mac right away to create interfaces for your Android or iOS device. Then, if you want to share your prototypes with teammates online, Pixate's new cloud plan goes for $5 a month or $50 a year. The desktop software integrates seamlessly with cloud accounts.

Pixate has set up a FAQ page dedicated entirely to explaining how becoming a part of Google will affect things.

Form is a similar designer-only tool that creates native prototypes for iOS devices. Version 1.3 includes the latest material design components, touch ripples, and other visual tweaks. It now runs natively at 60 FPS. You can download the latest version right away.


Matias Duarte sat down with the founders of Pixate and Form for a roundtable discussion that you're free to read if you want to see how everyone's missions overlap.