While far from completely definite, strong rumors abound that the Galaxy Note 5 will not have a removable battery or an SD card slot. Given that the phone is suspected to essentially be a giant Galaxy S6 with a stylus, that makes sense.

What may not make sense is the continued allure of the Note series of devices if this is true, at least among you - people who read Android Police. The stylus isn't without value to some users (I, personally, have never been one of them), but the flexibility of a removable battery and expandable storage have long made the Note series the all-around power user device of choice among Android fans. They sell incredibly well and often contain some of the very best features that smartphone technology has to offer us.

This year, though, the Note is shaping up to be rather iterative. It will likely get an upgraded, integrated version of the S6's chipset (though it's not clear if it will be any faster) and a similar unibody metal design, but a similar display size (and resolution), storage capacity, camera, and basically similar software to the Galaxy S6 are expected. That would essentially make the Note 5 more a Galaxy S6+ (with stylus), and less its own, relatively independent smartphone line.

So, we're curious: would an S6-ified (ie, no microSD / non-removable battery) Note 5 send you fleeing from Samsung's Galaxy of products? As for the discussion - would you be more likely to get the Note 5 with its flat screen and stylus, or the allegedly Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (essentially, a Note-sized S6 Edge)?

Would the loss of a microSD slot and removable battery make you less likely to buy a Note 5?

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