Copying and pasting is better than it used to be on Android, but it still isn't ideal - just like Windows, you can only keep one bit of text at a time saved in the "copy" cache. Also just like Windows, several apps have sprung up to improve this functionality, most notably Clipper. Native Clipboard handles most of the same functions - primarily keeping a saved history of all copied text - but adds some impressive UI tweaks to make using it even easier.

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First of all, Native Clipboard lets you open its floating window my double-tapping any text field. From there you can insert the relevant text, swipe on one of the saved copies to delete it, or long-press it to "pin" the text (handy for long email address forms). The double-tap action is impressively fast for an app like this. Users have the option of enabling Native Clipboard with Android's standard Accessibility menu or (if you're rooted) via an included Xposed module. The latter grants extra support for editing clips and blacklisting apps from the functionality.

Native Clipboard uses a Material Design UI that can be customized with user-selected colors, and both the size of the clipboard window itself and the number of saved clips can be adjusted. It's also completely free and open-source, and compatible with Android 4.0 or later. Unfortunately Native Clipboard lacks some of the syncing options of Clipper. Check out Native Clipboard if you need an easier way to handle large amounts of copied text on your phone or tablet.

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Native Clipboard Manager
Native Clipboard Manager
Developer: DHM47
Price: Free