Microsoft started a beta test for its Hyperlapse video app a while back, but today it's out of beta and ready for download. This app takes a boring video and speeds it up into a clean time lapse clip. It doesn't have a ton of settings to play with, but most of the magic is automatic.

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You can use Hyperlapse to capture a new video or import an existing one. Hyperlapse isn't just speeding the video up, it also smooths the transitions and stabilizes the frame to make the final product much more watchable. You can choose the speed of the time lapse anywhere between 1x (why) and 32x. The processing speed seems pretty fast too. The videos look sort of like this:

The Hyperlapse app plugs into the regular Android sharing menu, so you can send the final product anywhere you like. Hyperlapse Mobile should work on any phone or tablet running Android 4.4 or 5.0/5.1.