Since its inception it seems that Inbox, by Google's Gmail team, has had the goal of streamlining your email experience in mind. To accomplish that goal, it makes every email a task, lets you quickly triage messages, and pulls out highlights like reservations, plane tickets, or attachments for faster access. But, according to the official Gmail blog, Inbox is getting one more cool feature starting now: the ability to automatically choose the best snooze date for your messages. For those unfamiliar, a "snoozed" message is temporarily dismissed, bubbling back up to your inbox at the selected date and time.

With this new feature, the app will take a look at certain types of emails to pull out the relevant date and provide a perfect time option in the snooze menu. In the example below, Inbox snoozes a dinner reservation until an hour before the booking, but Google says lots of email types will get the same treatment including package tracking updates, calendar invites, flights, hotels, and car rentals.


It sounds like this feature will be rolling out to users gradually, so readers might not see these magical new snooze suggestions (or that super cool clock icon animation) right away. Until the feature comes to you, check out Google's official blog post below.

Source: Official Gmail blog