Google Play Music has seen its fair share of bugs in the spotlight over the past few weeks, including the web app's failure to stream All Access songs on multiple browsers (and its subsequent fix) and the weird reported bug of cached music being wiped from Android devices when SD card storage had been enabled. The latter's fix has rolled out with the latest update to the Android app.

Previously, users who had downloaded some Play Music songs for offline playback and toggled the app's setting switch to use SD card storage found that their tunes disappeared when the phone was rebooted or the card was removed and reinserted. The bug mostly affected All Access tracks, since songs uploaded to Play Music seemed to remain on the SD.

Although Google reps scrambled to figure out the issue, and seemed to send a few misinformed replies to the user who had originally reported it, this whole ordeal seems to be behind us as version 6.0.1950S of Google Play Music on Android fixes it. This even merited a mention in the rarely updated changelog on the app's Play Store listing:

* Listen to free, ad-supported radio (US only)
* Added a fix to prevent music downloaded to SD cards being removed
* Fixed a bug where some songs and albums from My Library were not showing up on device

You can grab the latest version from the Play Store widget below, or from this conveniently uploaded apk.


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File name:

Version: 6.0.1950S.2081810 (1950)

MD5: 3410826252527a6e2786767c51007695