A week ago Google released an ethernet adapter for the Chromecast, and a good number of people thought, "Yeah, I want that." Thus the product sold out in a number of hours. Well, there's good news for everyone who thought "Hmm, I might want one. Let me think about it—dagnabbit, it's gone!" The product is back in stock in the Google Store.


The Chromecast's 2.4GHz N Wi-Fi isn't always the most reliable, which can really damper the experience in a device that only has one job. So when Google released a way to guarantee a stable connection, it's easy to see why people jumped at the chance

The ethernet adapter is actually a power adapter with a 10/100 ethernet port down by the wall plug. You're looking at a tangled mess when it's all said and done. The adapter is still going for $15 if your heart remains set on owning one, and shipping is free.