Seven days ago Google offered a game from Cartoon Network as its free family app of the week. Monsters At My Birthday Cake was a Zelda-inspired adventure game that, while skewing young, some of us could still find amusing for an hour or two.

Well, this week's free app is aimed at the little ones. Google is offering up a copy of Sago Mini Space Explorer, in which your kid gets to guide a dog in a spacesuit around a whimsical depiction of space.

Getting the game isn't as simple as going to Sago Mini Space Explorer's Google Play page, as there it's priced at $2.99. You can either click on the giant banner in the Play Store, follow this link, or enter the code SAGOSPACEFREE. Any of these approaches should get the app installed on your tablet and in position to amuse the special little person in your life.


Oh, you're downloading this for yourself? Hey, we understand. There is just something fascinating about shooting animals into space.

Sago Mini Space Explorer
Sago Mini Space Explorer
Developer: Sago Mini
Price: $3.99