Whoa, whoa! Before you load up that car and take off on your next vacation, sit down and take a look at this deal. On Amazon, you can currently get a 24W 4.8A 3-port USB car charger for $5. That's enough outlets for you, your spouse, and junior to all power your gadgets at the same time.

You have to enter the coupon code DDRQLCOL to bring the price down from $11. You have your choice of black and white.

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What's that? Ah, you have three kids. That leaves two people without room to plug their gadgets in. For them, there's a 10000mAh power bank that you can get for $15.39. Entering the coupon code SNCKOENF reduces it down from $22.

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Neither of these products offer QuickCharge, so you may be waiting a while for trickle in. But, chances are, that's already what you're used to. Still, some of you may be better off picking up something that can funnel juice into your battery a little more quickly.