Ting would like you to know that the Nexus 6 works great with its low price MVNO service. And it does: thanks to the N6's all-inclusive radio setup, the phone sold on the Play Store in the US can be used on both the company's CDMA and GSM network setups. There's just one problem - that's not a Nexus 6.

ap logo

Nope, that's the Nexus 6 mockup that Android Police writer Liam Spradlin created way back in September, 2014. It's a testament to both our own news sources and Liam's superb graphic design skills that the mockup looks basically indistinguishable from the real thing, which was officially announced a month later. But you can tell it's the Android Police version from the AP logo embedded right there in the middle... which Ting's web designers apparently failed to notice when they grabbed a quick search image for their sales page.


It's an easy enough mistake to make. All of the fakes and "fan renders" of upcoming devices tend to linger on in search results even years after the real thing has hit the market. No hard feelings, Ting - we'll take it as a compliment that our mockup blends so well with the real thing. When you correct this little snafu, don't forget the thumbnail on your main store page, either.

Well played, Ting (and Android Police commenter Jesse Simms). Well played.

well played