With Twitter's replies being hidden away from most of a person's followers unless they go hunting for them, it's easy to miss important details from company execs when they are written in answer to a user's question. But thanks to the eagle eyes of some readers, we discovered a tweet from Mo Versi that confirmed an Android M update to his company's 2014 flagship.

Previously, Jeff Gordon, another HTC exec, had announced that M will be released for the One M9 and M9+, with more devices to follow. It looks like the M8 is one of these, and that doesn't really constitute a surprise. If Google follows the L timeline, M will be available toward the end of the year, by which point the M8 will be about 20 months old. And given that HTC has been focused on keeping its devices updated for at least two years, the M8 falls within the range.

Artem reached out to Mo asking whether his tweet means all variants of the M8, including the carrier, Developer, and GPE ones, but hasn't heard back. I'll go out on a limb and say the answer should be "yes." In all cases, that's good (albeit expected) news for M8 owners.

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