Newsstand is probably the least sought-after of Google's various media offerings in the Play Store, if only because most of the content found in those newspapers and magazines is available elsewhere. Even so, Google seems to be standing by it. Today four new territories have access to the paid issues and subscriptions in Newsstand: the Philippines, Poland, Taiwan, and Ukraine. Readers from those countries, head to the Play Store on the web or your phone or tablet to check it out.


As usual, the change was posted in an update to the official Google Play availability chart. Free content on Newsstand is available everywhere, but so far only 22 countries have access to paid content. Google tends to focus on English-speaking countries first, then markets with relatively huge populations, so the inclusion of Australia, Canada, Brazil, India, Ireland, Mexico, Russia, and the UK follows that particular logic. Other countries currently in the program at the moment include Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Turkey - a definite focus on Europe is apparent.

Remember, due to international publishing, the publications on offer in each country will be different. Expect worldwide issues of the larger magazines and localized versions, if they're available.