For many of us, the question isn't whether we want Android Auto, it's whether we're willing to spend the money it takes to set things up in the car we already own. Doing so is an investment that can easily cost over a grand, and that's a lot to pay for the luxury of not having to look at your phone to do the same functionality. Fortunately, some prices have been dropping.

Pioneer is currently offering a $75 rebate on AVH-4100NEX head units sold through authorized retailers. Walmart is one such retailer, and it's selling the hardware for $530. This is the same price you will see over on Amazon. Abt Electronics, on the other hand, will part with the unit for $518.35. Note, you have to put the AVH-4100NEX in your cart to see the discounted price.


Pioneer will mail the rebate out as a $75 Visa prepaid card. The offer will last until August 31st.

See the second source link below to read about how you could save more money by combining this deal with certain credit cards. Of course, that's an option that's always available if you're dedicated enough to do your research. That said, everything about shopping for head units involves more work than most impulse buys. Have fun getting this thing installed.