Amazon's Prime Day deals in the US have been sort of a bust so far. There have been some nice discounts, but they're selling out mega-fast. This time we've got a little lead time, so you can get all set up to snag a Nexus 6 for a mere $399. That's $100 off the recently reduced price. It'll probably go quick, though.


This deal will be live at 8:50AM PDT (11:50AM EDT), and will go until all available units are sold out. I'd wager that won't take more than a few minutes. Additionally, only the blue 32GB Nexus 6 is included. Note: you need to be a Prime member.

I'd recommend treating this as a Nexus launch day. Assume that it's going to be sold out almost immediately, and refresh the page a zillion times until it pops up.

Sold out already


Well, that took... several seconds. The page is still showing availability right now, but adding the N6 to the cart will reveal it as sold out.

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