Last year, there was a rather widely-covered story about a piece of Android malware (rather, an Android malware control suite) called Dendroid. That malware was published for sale on a cybercrime-aligned forum known as Darkode, and it just so happens that the FBI (with assistance from agencies in other nations) just arrested the guy who wrote Dendroid as part of a larger raid on Darkode's operators.

That guy is Morgan C. Culbertson, who has a pretty solid real name, but somehow the most tragically boring and uninventive criminal alias of all time: "Android." Come on, Morgan - you could have done better. How about badbugdroid, or the_green_plague, or KitKatKillah (K3 for short)? So much for making Android crime look cool, guys.

Morgan C. Culbertson, aka Android, 20, of Pittsburgh, is charged by criminal information with conspiring to send malicious code.  He is accused of designing Dendroid, a coded malware intended to remotely access, control, and steal data from Google Android cellphones.  The malware was allegedly offered for sale on Darkode. - US Dept. of Justice

Anyway, Mr. Culbertson, who is just 20 years old (likely 18 or 19 at the time we wrote about Dendroid), was arrested on charges of conspiring to send malicious code, though it's possible more charges will materialize as the feds begin to unravel which direction the money behind Darkode leads. If Culbertson did in fact design and distribute Dendroid for sale, he could be looking at some serious criminal statutes since the case involves a criminal conspiracy across multiple US states (not to mention countries).

You can check out the FBI's press release here, and the DoJ's here.