Do you need a microSD card for your phone or tablet? Amazon's got them. Today you can get SanDisk memory cards ranging from 32GB to 128GB. The small side starts at just $11. The maximum offering will cost you $60. Either way, you're looking at saving 35 - 40%.

The SanDisk Ultra cards offer read speeds of up to 48MB/s. The Extreme cards cost a little more, as they go up to 60MB/s. There are also a couple full size Extreme SD cards available on the off chance you have an Android device that accepts the format.


Most of the discounted flash drives won't do your phone any good, but there are a few OTG sticks on sale as well. You can get a 32GB one for $12 or the 64GB option for around $18. These let you transfer files from your phone to your computer without having to deal with cloud services and wireless networks.

Amazon Prime Day is tomorrow, so you don't know what deals might pop up in another 24 hours. But you can browse through today's selection at the link below.