The Sonos app has gone through a couple big changes recently, and the result is an app that no longer makes your eyes bleed. That's always nice. Today's update to v5.4 doesn't make any changes on the level of reducing ocular bleeding, but it's still a good one.

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Here's the changelog for Sonos v5.4.

  • Radio by TuneIn has new icons and high-resolution album art making browsing more fun!
  • Improvements to viewing tracks in an album take better advantage of the space on your tablet
  • Select Google Play Music from the Sonos music menu and check out new features like recommendations based on the time of day, recent activity, enhanced playlist support and more.
  • We’ve improved shuffle so now you can see how it affects the queue. Turn on shuffle and the order of the tracks in the queue changes. Don’t like the new order? Turn shuffle off to return the tracks to their original playback order. Turn shuffle on again and get a different mix!
  • We’ve enhanced the clarity and presence of the PLAY:1 sound as well as optimized the PLAY:1 bass performance when it is paired with a SUB.
  • In this release we've made home theater setup even easier. Your SUB or surrounds can now bond to a PLAYBAR without the need for a Sonos component to be wired to your router. Follow the steps in the Sonos app to set up your home theater. If your Sonos home theater is already set up – no need to change a thing.

Having support for Google Play's recommended playlists from the app is handy. Those are the Songza-powered playlists that show up at the top of the Play Music app. How else are you supposed to enter beast mode? If you use TuneIn instead of or in addition to Play Music, you'll probably notice that album art is much nicer looking now.

Sonos v5.4 also gives you more control over shuffle. If you don't like the order shuffle has queued up songs, you can turn it off and back on to get a completely different order. This and more await you when you grab the latest update from the Play Store.

Sonos S1 Controller
Sonos S1 Controller
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