Are you looking for a ludicrous amount of external battery power? Then look no further than today. The electronics section of the site is offering a two-for-one deal on a Limefuel 15000mAh external battery pack for $39.99. That's an almost ludicrous 30,000 milliamp-hours, approximately ten complete recharges of even huge phones like the Nexus 6. Also I guess you could keep one and give the other to someone else. Weirdo.


These particular batteries are pretty standard: they feature two charging ports each, 1 amp and 2.1 amps, plus an LED flashlight and a tiny LCD readout for viewing the battery level. There aren't any bells or whistles like fast charging. That said, the price is considerably lower than the going rate for 15000mAh, which average $30-40 for a single unit on Amazon, like this virtually identical one (which might be based on the same OEM whitebox design). The only comparable deals we could find were this battery on Amazon and this one on Newegg, both of which come from brands with less clout than Limefuel.

This is the daily deal for Woot's Electronics section, so it expires at 12AM Central time, assuming that the stock lasts that long. Woot ships to the United States for a flat $5, but today, July 13th, shipping is free.