AdWords Express is an express version of AdWords that lets you set up and track ad campaigns from a mobile phone without spending too much time. It's not one of Google's core apps, so it's only now getting material design. Still, that's plenty reason to give version 2.0 a look. You know, a brief one, right before getting back to work.


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The changelog shows that there's a little bit more to this release than a new appearance. You now have the option to remove search phrases that don't suit your business, and you can opt to reach notifications about your ads. The latter can help you go even longer without firing up AdWords Express yourself, since it can chime in when there's something important to see. That leaves you with more time to keep doing the part of the job you actually care about.

What's New:

  • New look and feel with material design
  • Remove search phrases that may not be the best fit for your business (and add them back if you need to)
  • Choose to receive additional important notifications about your ads
  • Several stability improvements and bug fixes

AdWords Express
AdWords Express
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free