This seems like an obvious question, but we're curious regardless: are you happy with your phone's battery life?

Battery life on Android seems to go through a never-ending topsy-turvy ride between "almost good enough" and "outright terrible" depending on the phone, the software, and the underlying version of the OS. There are so many phones running so much different software at many screen resolutions with many chipsets and battery sizes, and those variables are a constant source of debate and issue among Android enthusiasts.

I'm daily driving my Nexus 6 on the M Preview 2, and battery life is... not great. But that's to be expected. I was using a G4 again last week and was surprised at how long the phone could manage on a single charge after using some phones with less predictable battery life (N6, ZenFone 2, Galaxy S6) in the last couple months.

So, let's vote first: are you happy with your phone's battery life? How happy (or unhappy)? Second, let's discuss: how much battery life would make you happy? Do things like quick charging make you worry less about battery life?

Are you satisfied with your phone's battery life?

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