Asus has a history of making inexpensive Android tablets. While it doesn't make Nexus tablets anymore, the Taiwanese OEM is still chugging along in the tablet market. The latest tablet from Asus is the ZenPad S 8.0, and it's now available at Best Buy in the US. It doesn't appear to be for sale through any other channel yet.

2015-07-10 13_06_57-Asus ZenPad 8_ Intel Atom 32GB Black Z580C-B1-BK - Best Buy

The Asus ZenPad S 8.0 retails for just $199.99 and has respectable specs for the price. Front and center is an 8-inch 2048x1536 LCD (same resolution as the Nexus 9). It's also 4:3 just like the N9, which I think is a much more comfortable shape for a tablet. Inside are a quad-core Intel SoC, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage (with microSD card expansion).


This tablet ships with Android 5.1 (it's actually 5.0—Best Buy is wrong) under the Asus software layer just like the Zenfone. It's not a terrible UI, but Asus includes some strange tools—like the system monitor that keeps recommending you force close Play Services, but I digress. It's hard to go wrong for $200.

7-inch tab too

It looks like Best Buy also has a 7-inch version of the ZenPad on sale too, but this one is super-budget with a 1024x600 screen and 16GB of storage. This is a temporary exclusive for Best Buy.