John Legere, the mobile CEO who can't get Deutsche Telekom to love T-Mobile no matter how many new customers they sign up, is back with another jab at his competitors. T-Mobile already features some pretty extraordinary free international roaming extras, but now it's going whole hog on the two countries that Americans visit the most: Canada and Mexico. Starting next week if you cross the border to the north or south, your T-Mobile phone will work the same as it does in the States. Take it away, John:

Notice that nowhere in the video or in T-Mobile's promotional site is the word "roaming" used, and that's by design - this isn't roaming. Text and SMS are unlimited, data will work exactly like it does in the US (unlimited or not, depending on your plan), and calling across all three countries is seamless. LTE data is active where available, too, though of course that will depend on exactly where you are. T-Mobile doesn't have a coverage map for all three countries, but there is an extensive list of cities with LTE deployed. Coverage in Canada and Mexico will probably be a little less ubiquitous than in the US, since it requires agreements with local carriers.

The new three-country system will go into effect on July 15th. In between not-so-subtle digs at AT&T's upcoming purchase of DirecTV, Legere teased even more announcements coming as soon as next week.