John Legere just got done announcing yet another uncarrier initiative, and now we see what all those changes have earned the smallest national carrier—it's not actually the smallest anymore. T-Mobile reports 2.1 million net customer additions in Q2, bringing its subscriber count to 58.9 million. Sprint has only 57.1 million customers.


T-Mobile's gains are 41% higher than this time last year and 14% up from the first quarter of 2015. These numbers include "regular" post-paid customers as well as those using T-Mobile's network on pre-paid plans. Only 760,000 of the additions were of the more lucrative post-paid variety.

Despite the strong subscriber gains, T-Mobile's parent company, Germany-based Deutsche Telekom has been desperate to unload the carrier. A merger with Sprint fell apart a while back, and there have been rumors of a merger with both Dish and Comcast. With these positive results, T-Mobile will probably look more attractive to potential suitors.