In a move that isn't all that surprising, Sunrise Calendar now offers full support for Office 365 accounts. Considering that Microsoft bought Sunrise a few months ago, it was no great leap to expect better integration into that ecosystem. We already saw Wunderlist support added shortly after Microsoft bought them, too. Office 365 joins a hefty list of providers you can use with Sunrise.


There are many more that I couldn't include in the screenshot above, including another full screen of "application" providers and both Google and Wunderlist, which are already a part of my account.

I didn't need to update my Sunrise app to see the new option. While "full integration" in comparison to the existing Exchange support is more of a back-end thing, Sunrise says one place where you'll be better off with Office 365 is when using their new Meet feature. Perhaps more important is that Office 365 is supported on all platforms whereas you cannot use your Exchange account on Sunrise's desktop clients.

And while they didn't want to gloat so much about this, Sunrise has also added some support for accounts, which includes and addresses from before the transition to Outlook branding. There are a few limitations with that, though.

If your employer or school provides you with an Office 365 account, this may be pretty big news to you. Sunrise suggests that if you aren't sure whether you have 365 or Exchange, just try to add the account in the app and see what happens.

The app was not found in the store. :-(