Swords, forests, and monsters are par for the course in turn-based RPGs, but tinyBuild's Fearless Fantasy manages to include all of these things while still feeling fresh and original. After first launching on Steam for PCs and making its way over to iOS and the Amazon Appstore, the game has now made an appearance in the Play Store.

This RPG's art style is fearless in its design and instantly memorable. If you don't find the characters endearing, then they might just haunt your nightmares. Either way, they'll stick with you.

The combat style utilizes a combination of gestures, swipes, and proper timing to keep you doing more than selecting attacks and watching their delivery. In between battles, you encounter a plot told through animated cutscenes complete with voice-overs.

The game still costs $4 to download, but there are no in-app purchases to fear. That alone almost sounds like a fantasy these days.

Fearless Fantasy
Fearless Fantasy
Developer: tinyBuild
Price: $3.99