If you're not an absolute Facebook junkie, chances are you might be missing out on posts from the people you most care about. The change from most recent to "top stories" was designed with this in mind, but it isn't foolproof. After all, Facebook's algorithms can only guess who you think is important. With newly-announced additions to the news feed preferences, users can now designate pages and profiles that will appear at the top of the feed by default.


I can think of several members of my family who will value this option a lot. The user-set top posts will have a star on their top right corner to signal why they are there.

The revamped options also allow you to more efficiently unfollow profiles and view those that you already removed from your feed. And in case you were dying for more pages to follow, Facebook has added a section devoted solely to recommending new ones to you.

These preferences will be appearing on Android and desktop web browsers "in the coming weeks," according to Facebook.