If you didn't get in on those crazy $50 deals for the G Watch earlier this year... well, we can't give you that deal again. Sorry, but he who hesitates is lost. But Amazon subsidiary Woot has a deal nearly as good going on for the next week: the original black LG G Watch, refurbished, for $69.99. So, he who hesitates has only lost about twenty bucks in this example.


While this watch is refurbished, it comes with a 90 day warranty straight from LG, and thanks to Google's tight grip on Android Wear it already has access to all the latest software goodies. That being said, it might be smarter to wait: it's been about a year since the first wave of Android Wear devices, so second-gen hardware should be just around the corner. Hell, LG has already released two different circular updates to the original.

Woot will ship to the United States for a flat five bucks, bringing the total cost of this deal up to $74.99 plus any local taxes. That's still well below the current retail price - Best Buy has a new model on "clearance" for $207, while a new one will cost you at least $100 on Amazon. This isn't one of Woot's primary deals, so it will last for up to six days or until the stock runs out.