Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake offers more depth than most of the previous apps Google has given away for its free family-friendly App of the Week. This title comes to us from Cartoon Network, and it's a top-down adventure game reminiscent of Zelda.

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The game usually costs $5, but you can get it for free by clicking on the giant banner in the Play Store or following this link. Alternatively, you can redeem the code MONSTERSCAKEFREE. If you go to usual Play Store page directly, you will still get charged the regular price. So yeah, don't do that.


Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake takes place on Gogapoe Island, a magical place where you will complete puzzles and barf rainbows on a quest to get your birthday cake back (and maybe save the island from evil monsters in the process). This is one game you probably want to claim, even if you don't have any kids.

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake
Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake