The nice thing about having a huge public beta test is that, well, you get to test stuff. Apparently the reaction to the new dedicated Memory section of the Settings menu wasn't everything that Google had hoped for, because it's been given a notable redesign in the brand-new version 2. The most striking change is a new overview screen that appears when you first tap Memory. Now it shows you the total memory in use with a readout in MB or GB, instead of breaking it down by apps. You can view the readout by hour increments: three, six, twelve, or an entire day.

Screenshot_20150709-173332 Screenshot_20150709-173506

The individual app view is still there - just tap on "memory used by apps" to see it. This view has been tweaked as well: there's no overall performance meter (because it was on the last screen) and the "average" and "maximum" values are gone in favor of a straight MB reading. (Perhaps Google thought the multiple shades of green were too confusing?) This screen can also be broken down by time period.


Android M Developer Preview 1 on the left (previously the main Memory page), Preview 2 on the right

The individual app view is largely unchanged, except for the lack of those average and maximum values (though a "maximum usage" indicator has been installed below the main bar). The "Force Stop" button so prominently featured below the memory bar has been moved to the hamburger menu in the action bar.


Android M Developer Preview 1 on the left, Preview 2 on the right

What do you think? I've got to say I like the decision to ditch the different values of memory usage for each app, but the thinner indication bars are harder to parse at a glance.