Do you like Halo? I mean really like Halo, like you've got a little light-up Cortana on your desk and you actually know the names of the various rainbow color versions of the Master Chief? Can you write me a 20-page essay on the leadup to and fallout from the battle of Reach? Then today is your lucky day, because Halo has come to Android... in the form of a video app with clips and guides and stuff. OK, so maybe not especially lucky.

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Since Microsoft seems oblivious to the fact that no one really expects the next installment of Halo to blow anyone away, they've decided to try and push it as a cultural nexus analogous to Call of Duty or League of Legends. To that end, the Halo Channel app will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about the Xbox shooter series, including game walkthroughs, guides for specific multiplayer maps, explorations of the lore behind the games' rather thin stories, the Forward Unto Dawn live action miniseries, and the popular machinima comedy series Red vs Blue.

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The only thing it doesn't have is any actual Halo gameplay, because that's reserved for the Xbox (or possibly Windows Phone if you're desperate). But you can watch a bunch of other people play Halo. For free. Which is nice.

Halo Channel
Halo Channel
Price: Free