Soccer games and tower defense games seem to have reached their design peak - while you see a new idea every once in a while, both genres are relatively static. That's probably what makes FootLOL so interesting: it mixes both genres, and a bunch of other random insanity, to make something wholly unique. And also insane. Just have a gander at the trailer below and see if you can scrape together the few bits of coherence in the gameplay.

FootLOL is basically the over-the-top sports game, a la NBA Street or Mario Super Strikers, taken to its most unbelievable conclusion. You control your team and try to score goals in the conventional way, but you also get crazy semi-permanent cannons and turrets, stampeding herds of cattle, alien abductions, and a host of other things that are slightly outside of the rules of soccer to employ on both offense and defense. Different levels occur on different planets, changing both the field and the availability of power-ups and attacks. The game is basically Super Smash Bros, made into soccer.

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FootLOL features 60 levels of single-player plus exhibition games, and online multiplayer to boot. All of that can be yours for just three bucks, and surprisingly, there's not an in-app purchase to be seen.